A target audience is a group of people identified as being likely customers of a business.


Although time is the only commodity in the real world that is not for sale, in RTB it’s another story. Set the timings as you desire for your needs.
You serve where you want, when you want it.


Information is key and serving ads with us comes with much more than showing your creatives to your desired audiences. With our audience activity tool, you are able to target audiences based on your campaign activities to increase ROI potential.


Whether you are a small business that wants to serve an ad to all users within a mile of your store or a big agency that wants to target a vast number of locations at the same time, we have you covered.


Device targeting offers you the option of targeting not only by OS or device type (smartphone or tablet) but also by device language setting, device OS version, and even device model and brand.


Wi-Fi or mobile data? Up to you! You can select the connection type your audiences are making us of.


Selecting top publishers for your campaigns to serve exclusively (whitelist) or block exclusively (blacklist) is a guaranteed strategy to increase the quality of your audiences.


Want to serve a particular set of carriers for your advertisements or block them? No problem! We have you covered. We can extract this data from the audiences and target users from a particular carrier or set of carriers.


What if we want to set a specific set of IP ranges? We can do that. And unique IP’s? Of course! With us you can target unique specific ranges of IP’s for your campaigns either as part of your campaign or exclusively for the entirety of it.


Through Contextual Targeting you are able to reach your audience by serving in publishers that show similar content as your ad. Thanks to real time content scanning we can know what content is being served within our publishers and therefore target them based on specific keywords of your choice.


Interest and demographics targeting are an incredibly valuable insight to make your campaigns succeed like they never did.


Whether you are serving a strictly branding campaign or a performance campaign we can do both! Our dynamic CPM price model will allow you to set a maximum bid goal for your creatives but our AI will look for the best price/quality ratio publishers for you and your campaign goals.


Want to set a limit of impacts per user per period of time? Absolutely. You can select and limit the amount of times your audiences can be impacted by your creatives for the amount of time you desire, even for the entirety of your campaign!