Ad Vanced Media, a DSP and DMP platform for Mobile and Desktop programmatic advertising traffic offering you flexibility, +700 billion ad requests a day, global reach and all the targeting options you require.
Thanks to our platform and based on our extensive experience with our clients and the digital marketing industry, we have developed the best set of tools to cover your needs and get your advertisement as far and as precise as possible.


Thanks to our forecasting tool we are able to precisely check and ensure your campaign possibilities out there! Location, price floor, ad size, inventory, you name it.


Creatives and inventory are not everything. A proper study of your potential audience before, during and after the campaign is at hand. Retargeting audiences based on their interaction with your campaign is crucial.

Let us know what your campaign goals are and we will check everything for you.

Want to do it yourself? Apply for a self-serve account and feel free to do so!


Protecting your brand from being served in publishers related to undesired content (alcohol, adult content, violence are just a few examples) is definitely a must. Thanks to our partners and extensive generated blacklists you can ensure this will not be an issue with you.


Certainly, creative talent is not everyone is blessed with. And no need! We can generate the best content for your campaigns if you want. Thanks to our in-house creative team, you’ll both have their talent and our experience at your disposal to get the best results for your campaigns.

Want to generate a blacklist from scratch for your campaigns? Let us know and we will do it for you!